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Synchronized swimming team sisters

Swimming makes me happy

2022-07-02 21:37Synchronized swimming team sisters
Summary: Swimming is so happy. How to write the end of the compositionI immediately launched an "attack" on my mother. Every time I hit her, my mother dodged. I was unconvinced and bravely challenged my
Swimming is so happy. How to write theSwimming makes me happy end of the composition
I immediately launched an "attack" on my mother. Every time I hit her, my mother dodged. I was unconvinced and bravely challenged my mother. Finally, I hit my mother once. In this way, we had a great time. The swimming pool was full of laughter, and we didn't leave until we were tired. Swimming in summer is really a happy thing___ It brings me joy
What can bring me happiness? There are many things that can bring happiness in life. Watching my favorite team win important games on TV can bring me joy. I won a lot of money in the lotterySwimming is a common sport. Will it make people happy
Plus the dopamine secreted by the brain during exercise, I will naturally feel relaxed and happy after swimming. Finally, exercise must be moderate in order to feel relaxed and happy. Usually when you swim by yourself, it won't be too long or too far. Half an hour, more than 1000 meters, is the most appropriate time. After swimming, I feel relaxed and happyComposition: swimming makes me happy
”I cried. From then on, I won't be left behind when I go swimming with my classmates. And swimming also made me realize the importance of cooperation and not giving up. I should cooperate well with my classmates in learning and help each other. Of course, you can't give up easily in study and life. If you stick to it, you will succeed. Swimming makes me happyComposition: introduce your favorite sport swimming
Swimming not only brings me a sense of happiness and freedom, but also strengthens my physique. It won't be as weak as when I was young, and I'm easy to get sick, so I can't stop running to the hospital. Since I learned to swim, my physique has been strengthened a lot, my immunity has also been improved, and I have said goodbye to any flu. Swimming also taught me persistence. WheneverWhy is swimming in aSwimming makes me happy good mood
Secondly, compared with other sports, swimming requires the coordinated operation of all organs of the body in the process Swimming makes me happyof swimming, which will make me more focused when swimming, focusing on every action and breath. This concentration will make me forget all the things that disturb meEnjoy the happy sentence of swimming
10. My boyfriend is really happy at home these five days. He looks at the house and goes swimming at the beach. He is really happy. 1. He swims all his life and benefits all his life. My body is strong and energetic, because I used to go swimming in the swimming pool every summer, then I swam in the indoor swimming pool every day, and now I swim in the East Lake every day all year roundSwimming makes me happy composition 600
Tired, I lay quietly on the water: if I were to be accompanied by water every day, let fish be my friend, be my teacher, and my homework was only swimming... How wonderful! At sunset, my classmates and I were still playing in the pool. Finally, we got ashore. The setting sun at dusk dragged our shadows for a long timeComposition swimming brings me fSwimming makes me happyun
I couldn't help cheering, "I'll float!" The coach opposite looked at me and said happily, "yes, that's it!". My classmates and I are floating around in the water like this. Don't mention how happy we are. Although I only learned the basic knowledge of swimming - floating that day, I realized the happiness of playing with waterEnjoy swimming 300 words
Enjoy swimming whenever I see the hot summer sun and keep suffering from the hot sun, it reminds me of swimming. I still remember that when I first swam, I spent my summer vacation at my cousin's house. That day was really the hottest day of the year. Even my cousin and I were playing with the computer while turning on the air conditioner
Swimming makes me happy

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