Swivel Front Wheel Joggers

Jogging strollers with swivel front wheels are not ordinarily going to be great for real running but they may be fine for the light jogging that many parents do. Let’s face it, most people don’t run a ton and most of us don’t have room for multiple strollers. I swivel front wheel jogger is more versatile for ordinary, everyday use as well as general walking.

I recommend most people buy swivel front wheel strollers because the average person uses a stroller on sidewalks, in parks with pavement, in stores and malls, and in other areas with generally flat and even surfaces. Even avid joggers don’t usually run extremely long distances or too fast with their strollers so fixed wheels are less necessary.

I have not tried all the strollers out there but I have used many of them and I have my favorites. Below are my favorite swivel front wheel strollers which would be great for light jogging. I’ve linked them to their sales page for more information or for you to make a purchase. Please note these are affiliate links and I will receive a commission should you click one of these links and make a purchase.

You can buy cheaper strollers easily or you could easily move up the food chain and buy something that is top of the line. On this page I will only recommend middle-of-the-road strollers which most people want to buy anyway.

My Favorite Jogging Strollers With A single Swivel Front Wheel

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