Phil And Teds Jogging Strollers

Phil & Teds is a brand that has a very good reputation. They make a number of popular inline strollers such as the new Navigator, Dot and proven models such as the Classic and the Explorer.

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What I Like About Phil & Teds Strollers

What I like about the P&T brand is that all their strollers are of great quality and most of them have interchnagable accessories, second child kits, and multiple configuration options.

And What I Don’t Like

What I don’t like about the Phil&Teds brand however is that they don’t have a wide selction of strollers which are geared for joggers in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong; they did just release the long awaited Sub4 jogging stroller (which I feature below) but the Sub4 is a top-of-the-line premium product best for high end runners.

P&T Makes Good Strollers For All Around Use

None Are Particularly Geared For Casual Runners

As much as I love the Sub4 there isn’t anything P&T makes that is great for entry level or ocassional joggers (or those on a tighter budget). Those types of shoppers are unlikely to shell out $900 for a jogger they will use only on occasion.

In any event all of the P/T strollers are pretty decent for light road jogging if you use the basic one-child configuration but I wouldn’t advise anyone buy one of these strollers if they primarily want to it jog with. Outside of shelling out for the Sub4 I would recommend other brands (like Baby Jogger) for people looking for a dedicated stroller for jogging.

If you do want a versatile stroller that can:

  • accommodate one or two kids from birth up to roughly their fifth birthday
  • be used with a bassinet
  • allow for front or rear facing seating arrangements
  • can be used in all-terrain settings comfortably
  • maintain stability via quality wheels and suspension
  • be used as a light jogging stroller from time to time

…then the following buggy will be a good option. If you want a dedicated running stroller however skip to the end to see a summary of the Sub4, the only true jogging stroller that Phil & Teds makes.

The Phil & Teds Navigator Buggy

Phil And Teds Navigator StrollerThe Navigator is an excellent stroller and although it’s not a stroller that I would highly recommend for jogging it is probably the brands next best option to the Sub4 (see below). The Navigator is basically the next incarnation of the Explorer strollers. It is an inline stroller that can be adjusted to fit a basinet, car seat, two toddlers, a toddler and a baby or just about anything. The main seat can be forward or rear facing too. This makes it a great choice for first time parents as it can be used in such a versatile way.

The Navigator is my choice for next best jogger in the P&T lineup simply because it has bigger wheels than the Dot which is also a bit smaller. I do like that the Dot is lighter but you need bigger wheels and better suspension when you are jogging. This will make your child more comfortable giving you a better time out in the sun.

The navigator is a bit pricey. It’s a premium product afterall. I need to be clear however, although it is an awesome strolelr it is not the best for pure running. If you want a second stroller specifically for running then there are better choices out there. I would only recommend this to parents that want an all-in-one stroller that can last for years and multiple kids… who also may want to jog on occassion.

If you want a true jogger Phil And Teds Sub4 is your best option although there are cheaper good options too. Check that page out if $900 for a specialty (second) stroller is out of your price range.

The High Performance Sub4 Jogging Stroller by Phil & Teds

The Sub4 Jogging Stroller

The Sub4 is basically the best of the best as of this publication. As of late August 2012 the Sub4 is only available for pre-order from and it has been highly anticipated for years prior.

The long and the short of it is this; The Sub4 is a stroller designed for high end runners.

  • The wheels and suspension system resembles that of a performance street racing bike.
  • The geometry of the frame allows runners to maintain the best possible form when running. It allows for complete leg extension for even the tallest of people and minimizes the degradation of proper gait.
  • Runners perform better when they are free to move their arms in tandem with their legs. This stroller allows runners to operate the stroller safely with one hand so that at least one hand is free all the time for movement.
  • The stroller is a fixed wheel jogger allowing it to go the direction you want it to go with less direction from you. It will not veer to one side or the other like many other all-terrain strollers will.
  • The rear wheels are tilted in at a slight angle giving better control of the stroller through turns. This is important because many strollers have to be tipped backwards to lift the front wheel to allow for turns. Without the rear wheel tilt a turn like this at speeds greater than walking could result in a tipped buggy.
  • For people interested in really running the Sub4 offers a stroller that requires minimal effort to move forward. Once momentum is created the buggy is very easy to keep pushing. For runners this is as good as it gets.

What about baby?

This stroller has obviously been designed to improve the performance of actual running with a stroller but it also lends itself to every need of your child.

The stroller offers complete impact absorbtion due to it’s top-of-the-line suspension system. It also offers a sun shade and accessories that can completely envelope your child if desired.

The technology of this stroller extends even into the seat. It is made up of high end materials used in high performance athletic equipment. It offers molded design, cusioning, and impact absorbtion to keep baby (or toddler) happy for the whole ride.

What’s Lacking?

The only things lacking in this stroller are it’s footprint (it’s big – no getting around that), it’s weight (a hefty 30 lbs), and it’s max weight (baby can only be up to 33 lbs – compared to 75 with some other quality joggers).

In any event this is the stroller I would recommend to any parent with a single small child who is a hard core runner or racer. If you are neither then make sure to see this post where I outline my top recommendations.

You can learn a lot more about the Sub4 over on or order the thing on

Eventually I’ll have a personalized review of the Sub4 running stroller here on this site but for now that is still to come.

Comparison’s To Other Brands

I have outlined a long list of stroller brands on this site and although most brands have a stroller or two that I find good for runners not all do. Phil&Teds really just has one good jogger to their name right now but it is as good as it gets.

I’ve added the Sub4 to my list of best jogging strollers and to the top of the list of my favorite high performance strollers for runners. You can see those lists by clicking through the preceding links.