Baby Trend Jogging Strollers

Baby Trend Jogging StrollerThere are two main strollers made by Baby Trend that fit into the jogging stroller category. They are:

The Expedition is a bit more basic than the Velocity but it does cost about a few bucks less depending on where and when you buy – and what color you go for too.

Most people do tend to spend a bit less and opt for the Expedition Jogging Stroller but this stroller has a couple different models.

The Expedition LX is a more affordable option than the upgraded ELX model but it works almost the same; there’s actually not a lot of difference between the two.

One of the main reasons why I would choose the ELX over the cheaper LX model is for the parent comforts – the thing has a jack for MP3 players and a really nice parent console.

Overall I do think the LX will work fine for just about everyone though.

When looking at the Expedition and the Velocity strollers the Velocity jogger is a pretty new stroller in the Baby Trend lineup. It’s actually quite a bit similar to the Expedition ELX and might be a replacement for that stroller.

It is also similar to the upgraded Expedition in that it is stocked with greater creature comforts for the parent using it.

Personally I still think a real jogging stroller shouldn’t have a swivel front wheel which all these strollers have so I would go for the cheapest Baby Trend jogger I could find if I was set on buying a Baby Trend product. These strollers do work perfectly with all Baby Trend snap-and-go car seat attachments so they are handy but if you are actually expecting to jog with this thing regularly then it may be worth spending a few dollars more on a nice Baby Jogger or Schwinn.