Jogging Stroller 101: A New Parent’s Guide To Jogging Strollers

Jogging Strollers 101

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding jogging strollers. Many people mistakenly think any stroller with big wheels is a jogging stroller. Others think that all-terrain strollers are joggers. Others still think that jogging strollers can be used for all purpose use.

This article should help debunk some myths, answer some basic questions, explain important concepts about jogging and parenthood, and help guide you as a runner to the best strollers for your bucks.

But first lets look at the definition of a jogging stroller.

What Is A Jogging Stroller… Really?

A jogging stroller in it’s most simple definition is a stroller designed to making running or jogging as easy as possible.

Many jogging strollers have large wheels similar to road racing bikes. The wheels turn easily, have great suspension, and often have hand operated brakes just like bikes.

Good joggers also tend to allow for more foot room for longer strides even for those tall joggers. Walkers don’t need as much room for stride length but joggers do.

Lastly good jogging strollers will usually have fixed front wheels or at minimum a front swivel wheel that can be locked in place. Wheels that can’t turn from side to side are safer for joggers and they are easier to jog with as they are never veering off to the side.

For a more in-depth look, see this post for more on what makes for a good jogging stroller.

Have You Ever Used A Jogger?

If you’ve never used a jogging stroller then you may not realize the significant difference between them and regual models. Joggers are made to not only contain your child while you make forward progress but to do so comfortably for both you and your baby.

To accomplish this they tend to have larger wheels, front wheels that either lock in place well or don’t swivel at all. They tend to have high-end suspension systems and fames which are extremely durable, tough, and light.

Wheels and tires tend to be bigger and more attuned to performance. The wheels turn easier and the tires are filled with air providing baby a better ride.

The frames of these strolelrs are designed to be longer giving the parent (jogger/runner) more ability to complete full strides. Many even have brakes similar to that of bikes and the best are designed so that they can be safely used one-handed.

There is a lot that makes a jogging stroller a jogging stroller. For more on these differences see this post: Your Guide To Jogging With A Stroller.

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