Is The City Mini A Jogging Stroller?

The City Mini: Is It A Jogging StrollerWhen our son was getting ready to turn one the first thing we really started thinking about doing was getting him out of the house in a nice big jogging stroller and going for runs and hikes. We had been using a stroller car seat frame by Graco for a long time and then upgraded to the City Mini by Baby Jogger but when we bought the thing in the very beginning we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.

We didn’t realize that the City Mini wasn’t really a jogging stroller and that it wasn’t exactly awesome at handling anything other than pavement. This ended up really limiting us when we wanted to go out on hikes.

Somewhere not long after our son turned one we decided to try an off road hike in the City Mini and we were constantly getting stuck in the mud (it had rained a couple days prior) and the wheels just made traveling on uneven dirt paths very difficult.

The City Mini is not a jogging stroller and it’s not an all-terrain stroller however Baby Jogger has made a beefier version called the City Mini GT. It’s a bit bigger, the wheels are larger, and the entire stroller is better designed for off road hiking.

Although the GT is not a true fixed wheel jogging stroller like the FIT stroller it is a better option for runners and hikers that may want to go off road or jog a bit faster from time to time.

If you love Baby Jogger and you have to have a jogging stroller than you have to take a close look at the F.I.T. stroller. It’s going to be your best option of them all. The front wheel is a single wheel that doesn’t swivel at all. This means it is not likely to get bounced around on bumps on the pavement and if you should choose to take it off the path it will be a bit easier to maneuver.

As is always the case with fixed wheel strollers they aren’t very fun to handle in a mall, store, or any tight situation so they will almost never be a primary stroller.

If you are looking for a decent jogger that won’t ever go off the pavement then you may be perfectly happy with the City Mini. It is after all a very well made and loved stroller by parents everywhere – myself included.

Take a look at this review of the City Mini and you’ll see what I mean.