IMHO These Are THE Best Jogging Strollers For Sale Today

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**Please note – this post is still under construction. It is a work in progress and should be considered incomplete for the time being. Thanks.**

The term “jogging stroller” is used rather loosely in my opinion. Many jogging strollers are simply hybrid strollers capable of doing many different things well but no one thing great.

The best jogging strollers (IMHO) are designed for jogging or running first. Some of them are good for everyday use or for off-road hiking but they must be great for runners to make this list.

Below I’ve compiled my short list of the absolute best designs in the jogging stroller category. Some of these are lightweight, some are all-terrain, some are for high performance running… some are simply cool and amazing and possibly crazy. All however are great strollers.

I haven’t narrowed this list down by price range either so if it offends you to see strollers sold for upwards of $1000 or more then you may not be interested in many of the options below… but you sure can ogle. Having said that good strollers do not have to cost a fortune either and some of the strollers below reflect more reasonable price ranges too.


The Top Joggers For Sale

*Generally these are all current model strollers which are still in production with maybe a few exceptions should you accidentally find one in used condition or in some sort of “old-inventory” liquidation sale.

The Cheetah Chariot CX1 Carrier w/ Jogging Stroller Conversion Kit

Cheetah Chariot CX1 JoggerThis is a crazy awesome stroller with a built in wrap around cover to protect against the elements. It has big wheels with drum brakes and is fully adjustable for the comfort of you the parent as well as your child. It has a nice storage compartment behind the seat of the child rather than below the child giving you easier access to it and it comes with a built in handlebar compartment for your personal or baby related items.

I really like this stroller because it is actually great for jogging and because it is sticking cool. Look at the thing!

Not only is it jogger friendly but it can convert (with separately sold accessories) into:

  • a tow trailer for your bike
  • a traditional four wheel stroller
  • a cross country ski carrier, or
  • a hiking carrier with shoulder straps (you drag it behind you as you hike)

Of course it’s not cheap and I can’t imagine actually using it for all of those activities but man is it cool. The chassis sells for $950 and the conversion kits sell for $125-$275. The jogging stroller conversion kit sells for $125 bringing the total for this jogger to approximately $1,075. A pretty penny for sure.

You can learn more about this jogger and/or buy it on the Chariot Carriers website or in a number of independent retailers physical shops. REI also sells the carrier in their stores and on their website. Here is a direct link.

Phil & Teds Sub4 Jogger

Phil And Teds Sub4 Jogger

The Sub4 jogging stroller has been long awaited. Many insiders knew about this stroller years before it was released in the Summer of 2012. Over the development period this stroller went through a number of design tweaks and changes and the resulting stroller is nothing short of spectacular.

As you can see from the picture above the stroller is beautiful and to the delight of true runners it is designed to be just as functional.

  • The Sub4 has a low profile allowing the handlebars to extend well behind the seat of the child. This provides ample leg clearance while you jog.
  • The wheels have top-of-the-line suspension for full impact absorption.
  • The stroller is designed under a completely high-end and unique frame construction which caters to high end runners. Basically this stroller is better for jogging and running than just about any other.
  • The materials used in this stroller are as posh as you can get. It is all made of the highest quality parts and designed for both your comfort as well as that of your child’s.

What do I really like about this stroller though?

I love that it was planned for so long and that the goal of it’s designers was to make the best running stroller ever made.

The Sub4 is a stroller which is very new to the scene. I suggest you learn more about it by taking a look at the Phil & Ted’s website dedicated to the Sub4: On that site you can see far more about this stroller than I could put into words here.

The Sub4 isn’t cheap; it sells for around $900. This is a lot less than the Chariot CX1 (above) but still commands a lot of respect from the pocketbook.


This post is a work-in-progress piece. Please check back in later as more of my favorite strollers are added to the list.