Fixed Wheel Joggers

Fixed Front Wheel On A Stroller

Use Fixed Wheels For Jogging

If you’ve never felt the difference between a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel and one with a swivel front wheel you might be amazed at the differences. When running fixed wheel strollers go straighter with less effort. Any bumps in the road or uneven pavement go mostly unnoticed whereas swivel wheel jogging strollers have a few problems.

Even swivel wheel strollers which lock into place tend to have a little wiggle in the direction of the wheel. Small bumps or uneven pavement can cause the runner to have to constantly redirect the course of the stroller making jogging a bit more difficult. As a runner you want as little impeding form as possible and a solid front wheel frame helps a lot.

For most runners a fixed front wheel is generally preferred if you are going fast or going over rough terrain and you can really tell the difference between the two. Of course not all parents have the luxury of owning multiple strollers and most runners are casual joggers. There is a reason why fixed wheel joggers are not as commonly found in stores.

Truth Be Told

Most people don’t outright run with their strollers and most people stick to even paths, sidewalks, and stores. Most people also don’t want to have multiple strollers so in my experience swivel wheel strollers tend to be best for the average family. However there are very important reasons to get a fixed wheel stroller and if you need one then you will want a good one.

Which One’s Are Best?

There are tons of fixed wheel joggers out there by more companies than you could possibly think of off the top of your head (see this page of stroller brands). I haven’t tried them all but I have formulated my own opinions on which one’s are worth the money based on features, independent reviews, and price.

Below are a few of my favorite fixed wheel jogging strollers with a few comments on why I recommend them. Each stroller below links out to Amazon for you to learn more about it or to buy it. They are affiliate links and I will earn a commission for anything you buy after clicking the below links for full disclosure. I hope this short list helps.

The Two Best Fixed Front Wheel Strollers (In My Opinion)

There are a lot of good fixed wheel strollers to choose from. There are more swivel wheel joggers but plenty to make things difficult in selcting just a few. I tend tot hink the majority of people are looking for a good marriage between quality and price. With that in mind the two fixed front wheel jogging strollers I recommend to most parents follow.

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller

This stroller is also featured on this site as my favorite all-around lightweight jogging stroller. It not only has the fixed front wheel but it has tires a bit wider giving a bit more of an all-terrain edge to it.

It only weighs 25 lbs, which is less than many similar strollers and it still sports the ability to transport kids up to 75 lbs. Basically it can hold kids bigger than just about any other jogger out there which is handy for those parents who like jogging but don’t want to leave their toddlers home with someone else… or heaven forbid by themselves.

The F.I.T. jogger works just like all the other baby jogger strollers. It has quick release tires and a wildly simple one hand fold. The stroller is very easy to operate.

There are a number of good strollers that are cheaper (Schwinn Jogging strollers come to mind) but there are also some top of the line models which are more expensive too. For the average running mom or dad this will likely be the best compromise between price and value in my opinion.

I recommend reading this top rated review of the Schwinn Free Runner by M. Lamberty on Amazon for more pros and cons from an independent party. You can also see the sales page for the F.I.T. jogging stroller by clicking through to Amazon, Pish Posh Baby, Albee Baby, or by simply doing a Google search.

The BOB Sport Utility Stroller

The BOB Sport Utility Jogging StrollerThis BOB Sport Utility stroller is a lot like the Ironman but it is designed more as an all-terrain stroller rather than just a road racer. For this reason I like it a lot.

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