What Is The Difference Between A Jogging Stroller And A Regular Stroller


There are a few notable differences between jogging stroller and regular strollers which may not be obvious at first to everybody. The main difference is that jogging strollers have frames which re designed for jogging and control at fast speeds while regular strollers are designed for maneuverability first and foremost.

What dies this mean?

This means that joggers:

  • are typically wider than regular strollers
  • have more leg room for a long stride
  • have a fixed front wheel for improved control
  • have a braking system on the handlebar
  • come with a hand strap
  • are a bit heavier than standard strollers for stability
  • usually have larger wheels
  • usually have better suspension
  • almost always require your child to be sitting upright

Basically jogging strollers are designed to make it easier to jog rather than do anything else. because of this maneuverability outside of an open road or trail is more difficult. Fixed front wheels are hard to turn on a dime compared to standard strollers.

Jogging strollers are alsom much harder to store and transport because they are usually bigger and heavier and because their wheels don’t make life easy on your trunk space.

Most people with joggers usually have to store their stroller in full standing position in a garage or remove the wheels entirely to break it down into a smaller state proper for storage.

The typical owner of a jogger will almost always own a standard stroller for everyday use too because true jogging strollers aren’t usually the most comfortable strollers to use when you are not jogging or running long distance.

In short, it’s best to get a true jogging stroller if you actually intent of jogging frequently but not if you plan on occassionaly going out for a run.

A real jogger will also not accommodate a small infant very well either because usually babies need to be a bit older before you should jog with them. Once a baby can control head movement and sit upright is when it’s best to take them for a a run. If you find a jogging stroller appropriate for infants then most likely it’s not a true jogger.

Why Do Jogging Strollers Have Fixed Front Wheels?

Schwinn Stroller With A Fixed front Wheel

Ever noticed that real jogging strollers have fixed front wheels rather than the customary swiveling wheel? The reason for this is because when you are jogging it’s much easier to keep a stroller in line and going straight when the wheel is fixed. The stroller is much easier to keep under control.

The best example of this being nessesary is to consider jogging with a stroller than didn’t have a fixed front wheel. If you were to roll the stroller over a small divet in the road or over a small rock or even change in the pavement the swivel front wheel could easily veer off to one side or the other temporarily putting the stroller into a state where it’s not being controlled.

Another common reason jogging strollers have fixed front wheels is because it’s really hard to jog with good form while pushing a stroller. You almost always have to have at least one hand on the stroller or stroller strap so that you can keep the thing under control at all times. With a swivel front wheel you typically have to use your hands on the handlebar more often as it slightly veers one way or the other.

The thing is that even swivel wheels that lock into one position simply aren’t locked in position good enough. There’s always some jiggle in the wheel one way or the other. This is fine for walking but when jogging the stroller can easily veer one way or the other depending on the topography or the way the stroller is aligned.

With a jogging stroller that has a front wheel fixed in one position you don’t have the jiggle and the stroller won’t veer nearly as much if at all. This is important as you will be traveling farther and faster and won’t want to have your handles on the handlebars at all times.

A real jogging stroller will almost always have the front wheel that doesn’t swivel. You can jog without it but it does make the experience better. Just keep in mind that with a fixed front wheel you give up a lot of conveniences of a swivel front wheel. For this reason people who own jogging strollers typically also own a main stroller that they use for other purposes. Not always but this is common.