Are Jogging Strollers Safe For Infants And Newborn Babies?

Jogging Stroller Safety For Newborns

This question comes up a lot in my line of work. New parents (who are active joggers and runners) want to take their baby out with them when they jog; they wonder if it’s OK.

In all honesty it’s not a good idea for at least the first 6 months or so unless you are using a very plush head support that holds baby’s head tight so that it doesn’t rock and roll while you are moving.

Diono Head Support PillowOf all the support pillows out there I think the Diono 2-in-1 Head Support is the best because it’s meant to hold the heads of preemies still in the car or stroller and adjusts in size to infants weighing up to 15 pounds.

Without a good head support pillow in place reps from virtually every brand of jogging stroller would probably advise that you do not take an infant out with you while you jog, even if you have a top of the line jogging stroller.

To some extent jogging strollers are safe for newborns and infants due to extremely well thought out design but no jogging stroller is going to do much for an infant that can’t keep his or head straight and under control.

Super small babies also are more difficult to properly secure in a stroller. Even with a 5-point harness a 5-10 lbs baby is just hard to strap in securely. It’s far better and safer to wait until your baby is a bit older and stronger before you take him or her out in a jogging stroller.

One thing to note is that some strollers which are designed for infants may be alright for light jogging but they are most likely not real jogging strollers. A real jogging stroller rarely lays flat in a bassinet position. They are usually bigger too to accommodate control needs of the parent and runner. Of course with the extra size and upright seat a real jogging stroller is tougher for small newborn babies to sit in.

If you do use a jogging stroller on an infant it’s best to not actually jog or run. They are safe for new born babies if the baby’s head is controlled in a safe position but the riggers of jogging should be reserved for older children.

For more check out this post on the differences between jogging and regular strollers.

If your child is a few months old already you may want to check out these infant friendly jogging strollers. They aren’t going to work from birth but they will be better for 3-6 month old babies as opposed to older kids.

If you don’t get one of the infant strollers then a full sized jogging stroller designed for older kids or toddlers would be best.

These are usually reserved for kids 9-12 months and older as children this age are a bit bigger and more stable in all respects.