Chris Mou - BW PortraitHi there, my name is Chris Mou – I’m your resident parent and runner with a baby and a blog.

I am a new dad who has a history of fawning after new gadgets, cars, and games and now that I have a baby I have realized how cool the world of strollers are! There are so many awesome strollers out there I find myself cooing over them everywhere I go.

In any event I am a runner at the core so I figured I’d start a blog about jogging strollers. I’ve researched them a ton since my wife showed me her “pink line” on the pregnancy test stick and I’ve used a bunch of them too.

My plan with this site is to basically answer any and all questions relating to jogging strollers as I see fit. As I learn new things I’ll post about them. As people ask questions I’ll post the answers.

Hopefully we’ll have a good time and have good conversation too. Make sure to say hi in the comments and thanks for stopping by.

If you’d like a place to start on the blog make sure to see my post on the safety of jogging strollers for infants. Safety seems to be the best starting point I can think of when it comes to our children. 🙂

You can also find me on Google+ (if you’re into that kind of thing that is). 😛