The Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers (2018 Update)

lightweight jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are notoriously large, heavy, and difficult to store. That’s why most people only buy them to be used as a second stroller used only for jogging. There are however a handful of joggers out there that buck this trend.

Below is a list of the jogging strollers which are light compared for their category. I have only listed strollers which are truly jogging strollers. Many strollers call themselves jogging strollers but they really aren’t. If you are unsure what a jogging stroller is see this post for the difference between a jogging stroller and a regular stroller.

The strollers below may not be the ultimate best strollers for joggers and runners but they are better than non-joggers and they are lighter, smaller, and easier to get into and out of the car as well as store when not in use.

The Absolute Lightest Jogging Strollers For Sale

The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

The BOB Ironman Jogging Stroller

Weighing in at just 23 pounds this is the absolute lightest stroller for joggers out there. It isn’t the best jogger in my opinion (see bottom of post) but it is small, lightweight, easy to pickup and handle when not on the road.

And best of all – it is meant to be a jogger only and not an all-terrain “jack-of-all-traits” type of stroller.

You can see the sales page for this stroller over here for more information or check out our full review of this stroller here on the blog.

Alternatively BrooklynDad posted a great personal review of the Ironman over on Amazon. It’s the most popular review of the stroller on their site. Check it out here for his experiences with this jogger.

And if the Ironman isn’t for you – maybe it’s too expensive or doesn’t have the features you want – see the list below for other lightweight strollers.

In order of lightest to heaviest the following are the lightest joggers on the market:

  • 23 lbs – The BOB Ironman Jogger (best for paved surfaces)
  • 23 lbs – The BOB Revolution CE (best for paved surfaces)
  • 24 lbs – The InStep Flash Jogging Stroller (best for paved surfaces)
  • 24 lbs – The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger (best for paved surfaces)
  • 25 lbs – The Baby Jogger F.I.T. (designed for all-terrain surfaces but best on pavement)
  • 25 lbs – The BOB SUS Jogging Stroller (designed for all-terrain surfaces)
  • 26 lbs – The Baby Jogger Summit XC (designed for all-terrain surfaces)
  • 27 lbs – The Joovy Zoom ATS Jogging Stroller (best for paved surfaces)
  • 27 lbs – The Schwinn Free Runner (best for paved surfaces)
  • 28 lbs – The Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller (designed for all-terrain surfaces)

Quality Yet Cheap Lightweight Jogging Strollers

The Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogger

The Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller

There is something to be said for cheap but with all things it’s still worth getting quality items. This stroller is not the lightest stroller for joggers (a bit heavy for my liking at 27lbs) nor is it the cheapest jogging stroller (mid-$200s) but it sure is a good value in the category if you are looking for quality at a bit lower price.

If you want a really good inexpensive jogging stroller this is a viable candidate. It holds kids up to 75 pounds which is great in my opinion because you can’t start using real joggers with your kids until they are a bit older anyway. When a young toddler outgrows a jogger it is basically useless. Your toddler won’t outgrow this one anytime soon.

Like other good joggers the Zoom ATS has a fixed front wheel, big tires, and a high quality suspension system which will keep your little guy from bumping around too much while you run your hardest.

Other things that I like a lot about this jogger is that it comes with a good sized basket for storage and with accessories that other strollers require you to buy separately like the organizer, tire pump, and rain cover.

To date I haven’t owned this stroller so I can’t speak about it with authority as a parent that bought it but this review by Anne V. who has used this stroller with two kids of different ages over a few years. She’s got a few good things (and negative) to say about it.

You can see the main sales page for this stroller here or take a look at the full review of this jogger on the blog when I get it posted.

Alternatively you can find this stroller for sale at many additional niche retailers online such as Baby Earth and to name a couple.

The Cheapest Lightweight Jogging Stroller For Sale

The Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

The Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller

As far as joggers go there are quality joggers, there are strollers which aren’t really joggers at all, and there are true jogging strollers that are actually quite cheap. This is the latter currently priced near $125-$150 or so depending on where you shop.

It is a real jogging stroller, not just a stroller that only could be used for jogging. And not only that but it is not too heavy (27 lbs) and is dirt cheap to boot.

As always you get what you pay for and although this stroller is the most inexpensive stroller for runners you can find (and even cheaper if you can find it discounted or on sale) it is not even close to the best jogging stroller out there do to it’s weight, size, and lack of premium features.

That said many people don’t use their jogging stroller all that much so having a cheap jogger for those times when you feel the running bug can be handy. And just because this isn’t the best jogger you can buy doesn’t mean it’s a bad stroller either. Schwinn is a great brand which makes quality products. I still think this is a great buy for parents who don’t want to spend a fortune on a second stroller.

You can see the sales page for this stroller here on Amazon or take a look at my full review of this stroller on the blog.

Alternatively I recommend reading this review of the Free Runner from M. Lamberty on Amazon. It’s been voted one of the most helpful reviews for this product on their site and it echos a lot of my opinions too.

Other Options

Of course there are other cheap alternatives. Below is a list of the the cheapest joggers for sale sorted in order of cheapest first. I hope it helps.

  • The InStep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger
  • The Schwinn Free Runner Jogging Stroller
  • The Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Jogger
  • The Jeep Overland Limited Fixed Wheel Jogging Stroller
  • The Joovy Zoom ATS Fixed Wheel Jogger
  • The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller

The Best Lightweight Jogging Stroller Without Going Overboard On Price

FIT Jogging Stroller

The F.I.T. Jogging Stroller by Baby Jogger

The F.I.T. Jogging Stroller by Baby Jogger – If you’ve got some cash to spend on a really good jogging stroller then this is the one I recommend above all others.

It is not the most expensive jogging stroller out there (usually priced between $275 and $325 or so) but it certainly isn’t the cheapest either. There are lighter strollers for sale and more luxurious strollers for sale but this is still the pick of the litter in my opinion.

This stroller weighs in at around 25 pounds and is a bit lighter than the average jogging stroller. It is extremely well made and should last you for years. It’s got all the features you could want without getting crazy. This of course means you get the best stroller for the best price possible and to state the obvious you are more likely to use this stroller for running or jogging simply because it’s better than the rest.

You can see the other Baby Jogger jogging strollers here but for pure running this one is my favorite in the category.

Click through here to see the sales page on Amazon to check for current pricing.

You can also see more information on the F.I.T. Jogger review page on this site or take a look at this top review by “Monk Fan” over on Amazon.

Lastly – Lighter Strollers Are Not Always Better

This goes without saying… but I’ll say it anyway. Lightweight jogging strollers may seem better but this is not always the case. Some full sized strollers may be easier to handle and may fold up in a more convenient and intuitive way. The features on some of the bigger strollers may even make it more likely that you’ll get more use out of your stroller. Heavier strollers also mean your child can sit in them longer.

If you are not completely dedicated to getting a super light stroller then take a look at my favorite joggers for sale today. In my opinion they are the best jogging strollers made and they vary widely in style, price, and function.

Living in Canada, try here.

Can You Use A Jogging Stroller For Everyday Use

The Baby Jogger Summit XC Jogging StrollerIf you’ve never tried out a real jogging stroller then you probably did’t fully get the advantages of using it. They are incredibly sturdy and many are very capable of going off road. They are very durable and are likely going to last you through a few kids if you kept it long enough.

What you may not fully get at first either is whether or not you can or should actually use them for everyday activities. Using a true jogging stroller everyday can be somewhat more difficult than a standard city stroller. They tend to be long and have large front wheels. Real joggers use a fixed front wheel too which makes it easier for the stroller to go straight with little effort on the part of the parent.

In fact this is one major reason why jogging strollers shouldn’t be used for every day use. They are impractical in many situations.

In crowded malls or sporting venues they can be very challenging to maneuver. Because the front wheel is fixed you have to tip the stroller to get it to make turns which complicates everything but the open trail or road.

They are also frequently heavier than many lightweight daily use strollers. They certainly aren’t doomed to be the heaviest but you can’t get one lighter than 20 pounds. See my list of the lightest joggers made today. You’ll see the lightest one on the list is still 20+ lbs.

You can however use a jogging stroller for everyday use if you get one that has a swivel front wheel that can be locked in place. I personally don’t like locking swivel wheels in place but that is what they were made for and you certainly can do it.

I would also only advise people who don’t typically find themselves in crowded spaces to use a swivel wheel jogger as a primary stroller because the negative aspects of using these as a go to main stroller are not that bad. Plus using a jogger as a primary means you have one less stroller to have to buy. That’s always a good thing.

If you do want to use a jogging stroller for your main every day activities I suggest taking a look at my page on swivel wheel jogging strollers. I recommend first and foremost the Baby Jogger Summit XC Jogging Stroller but there are other great strollers featured on that page.

Is The City Mini A Jogging Stroller?

The City Mini: Is It A Jogging StrollerWhen our son was getting ready to turn one the first thing we really started thinking about doing was getting him out of the house in a nice big jogging stroller and going for runs and hikes. We had been using a stroller car seat frame by Graco for a long time and then upgraded to the City Mini by Baby Jogger but when we bought the thing in the very beginning we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.

We didn’t realize that the City Mini wasn’t really a jogging stroller and that it wasn’t exactly awesome at handling anything other than pavement. This ended up really limiting us when we wanted to go out on hikes.

Somewhere not long after our son turned one we decided to try an off road hike in the City Mini and we were constantly getting stuck in the mud (it had rained a couple days prior) and the wheels just made traveling on uneven dirt paths very difficult.

The City Mini is not a jogging stroller and it’s not an all-terrain stroller however Baby Jogger has made a beefier version called the City Mini GT. It’s a bit bigger, the wheels are larger, and the entire stroller is better designed for off road hiking.

Although the GT is not a true fixed wheel jogging stroller like the FIT stroller it is a better option for runners and hikers that may want to go off road or jog a bit faster from time to time.

If you love Baby Jogger and you have to have a jogging stroller than you have to take a close look at the F.I.T. stroller. It’s going to be your best option of them all. The front wheel is a single wheel that doesn’t swivel at all. This means it is not likely to get bounced around on bumps on the pavement and if you should choose to take it off the path it will be a bit easier to maneuver.

As is always the case with fixed wheel strollers they aren’t very fun to handle in a mall, store, or any tight situation so they will almost never be a primary stroller.

If you are looking for a decent jogger that won’t ever go off the pavement then you may be perfectly happy with the City Mini. It is after all a very well made and loved stroller by parents everywhere – myself included.

Take a look at this review of the City Mini and you’ll see what I mean.

Win A Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller

Jeep Wrangler Sport Jogging Stroller

I don’t have personal experience with the Jeep Wrangler Sport jogging stroller yet but I do love giveaways and free strollers. 🙂

Over on Mom’s Balancing Act you can enter to win one of these Kolcraft strollers by doing some simple things online like tweeting and facebooking and blogging, etc.

I have entered myself because I’d love to try this stroller out with my toddler. If I win I’ll definately review the stroller myself with my own personal thoughts and experiences.

If you want a good chance of winning one for yourself make sure to head over to MBA’s site and follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

Enter here:

Your Guide To Jogging With A Stroller

Lightweight Jogging StrollersJogging strollers are not the easiest things in the world to run with. No matter your skill level at running if you’ve never tried using a jogger for anything more than a trot down a shopping isle you will quickly find out that jogging with your little one will be very different than anything you’ve ever experienced previously.

Jogging with a baby in a stroller is not impossible however you do need to keep a few things in mind – you will have to curb your expectations a little.

  • You will run with a different stride,
  • a different speed,
  • possibly a different gait,
  • and you will likely become fatigued quicker than normal

In short, running with a baby in a jogging stroller will be more difficult and you need to ease into it.

First Things First: When Is It OK To Jog With A Baby?

Infant In Stroller With Head SupportOne of the first things you should consider when planning to jog with a baby is the baby itself. Most joggers don’t recommend using their products for jogging with infants less than 6 months old.

There are some exceptions but on the whole younger babies have poor if not any control of their head should it get jostled around. For this reason manufacturers suggest you wait until six months or until you are sure your baby has control of their head in potentially bumpy conditions.

Some strollers may make it sound like babies can go for a jog with you because the baby is sitting in an infant seat however strollers with infant seats are rarely designed to be true jogging strollers. You may find some exceptions to this rule of thumb but you should consider each case very carefully on your own and use the best judgement possible.

This post covers the safety of running with newborns if you want more information on this subject.

Baby First You Second: Know Your Body

Your Body After PregnancyIf you are confident that your baby is going to be safe in a jogging stroller you need to really take a good look at your physical well being next. Even fit women (or men for that matter) who have a history of jogging or distance running need to reassess what they are actually capable of after a baby enters your life.

Women in particular need to pay careful consideration for their own well being. Many women are still recovering from pregnancy and delivery months after birth. Women who go through particularly difficult births can be vulnerable to problems even up to six months later.

Some mothers who are breast feeding may also have unique difficulties with running with a jogging stroller due to low or depleted energy levels. Not all women experience this but many do and if you haven’t pushed yourself into a new (or resumed) jogging routine you need to reassess your health and ease into it slowly.

If you feel like your body is not ready for running you shouldn’t push yourself. After all, the baby is now first priority in your life. Your fitness is important too but not as important as the health of your child.

Not All Joggers Are Worth Their Packaging

This is where product knowledge finally comes into play. Just because a stroller is billed as a jogging stroller means it should be used for jogging.

Choose The Right Stroller For Jogging Or Just Stick To Walking

The Sub4 Jogging Stroller

The Sub4 Jogging Stroller

Just because someone you know jogs with a particularly good looking stroller doesn’t mean that that stroller is meant to be jogged with. As a consumer you need to do a little research and gather some information on what it is exactly that you need in a product.

This isn’t as easy as blindly buying something based on product packaging or casual recommendations it’s about actually learning what features are important and then finding a product that will work based on what you actually need.

True jogging strollers will have a few distinct features. Some strollers may be designed to look like a jogger but unless these features are satisfied the stroller should be used for routine jogging.

Jogging strollers:

  • need to have a fixed front wheel (or at least a single wheel up front that can be locked)
  • need to have larger front wheels capable of rolling over debris or larger bumps in the road
  • good suspension systems capable of absorbing shock
  • should have air-filled tube-style tires which minimize bumps in the ride that can jostle you or your baby
  • need to have plenty of leg clearance for your jogging stride. This is usually accomplished by a handlebar that projects behind your child rather than above your child and a cross bar that doesn’t get in the way of a typical person’s foot stride.
  • should have a means of safely attaching a wrist strap to the handlebar so that you don’t accidentally let the stroller get away from you.
  • should be preferably light so that you don’t fatigue too early during a run

Many strollers are made with the three wheel design but not all are particularly great for true jogging. Do your homework. Find out what your stride is while jogging and see how much clearance your stroller has. You don’t want to run with a stroller that forces bad running form. This could inhibit you and possible make injury more likely.

This post also discusses what to look for in a good jogging stroller if you want more on this topic.

Consider Quality Before Choosing The Stroller For You

Once you’ve narrowed your list of joggers down you should then think about quality and price. Sure the newest fancy jogger may be the best jogging stroller made but is it really right for you?

Are you an extreme runner going for both distance and speed? if so then by all means buy the best. Right now that is probably the Sub4 Jogger from Phil And Teds. In fact if you need the best just because you are that kind of person then dive right in. It will cost you around $900.

The average jogger however won’t be going to extremes. The average jogging mom will probably only head out with their baby every now and then. They will probably go slower and will probably not run extremely long distances either.

If you can realistically expect to use your jogger often then I wholeheartedly endorse buying a top quality, top of the line jogger. For the average person however I support getting the mid-range strollers which are made extremely well, should hold their value on the resale market, and  are very likely to hold up over many months of routine jogs.

I rarely recommend getting the lesser quality products because I personally don’t feel they are worth it very often but that should be for you to decide. So long as the jogger you are looking to buy actually is a stroller appropriate for jogging or running you should be OK.

How To Record A Better Run With A Jogging Stroller In Tow

Record Your RunsUsing a jogging stroller will slow you down and will change the way you run. There is simply no way around this. As a novice or advanced jogger you need to expect to tire easier than ordinary and you need to pay careful attention to your running form. Joggers will inevitably cause you to take shorter strides, possibly change your gait or the motion of your stride and posture, and will likely take your mind off of good running form and breathing techniques.

Physical form downfalls typically are the result of the actual stroller in front of you. You have to push it and have to keep enough distance to not kick the stroller. You may have to bend a little to hold the handles and you may find it uncomfortable to use a wrist strap. Constant grabbing and releasing of a stroller can quickly take your form and degrade it.

Running with a stroller will often cause you to lose some of your positive breathing techniques. This is not because of the actual stroller in front of you however; it is likely due to your concentration on pushing the stroller and keeping your baby safe. When you run by yourself you can easily focus on your own self but when pushing a stroller many other things are on your mind taking concentration off of your form.

I find it’s best to practice using a jogging stroller in very safe places and for shorter distances at first. Find a jogging path or use a track and begin getting used to running with the stroller while maintaining the best physical form and breathing technique as possible. The more you do this the more natural it will feel and the easier it will be to take your baby out on road runs while maintaining safety at all times.

Even the best jogging strollers require some pushing so don’t expect to run as far as you usually do or as fast as you usually do. Eventually the stroller may even making you a stronger runner as it is basically a new form of resistance to running in addition to typical challenges like hills or elevation changes.

An Invitation

Jogging with your baby is a challenge that can easily be overcome. I myself am a relatively new runner and I’ve enjoyed this activity immensely since my son was born.

This website covers many of the things I’ve learned about running, stroller safety, and other workout tips for parents of small children but I also have a helpful email series too.

Would you like to:

  • learn new ideas for staying in shape with a baby in the home?
  • learn how to keep your baby safe while you workout?
  • get more energy throughout the day despite those early morning feedings?
  • be confident in the products you buy for baby?

To get updates from me on topics like these please drop your email address in the form below. You’ll receive short updates from me roughly once a week and I’ll do my best to give you only the best tips I can.

Thanks for reading, -Chris Mou

Double Jogging Strollers

Jogging with young children becomes increasingly more difficult when you have two very young children or even twins. Many of the top stroller manufacturers do make double seat strollers for joggers and hikers so you can workout… so long as you have the energy and time to do so.

I don’t have twins, I don’t even have two kids, but I do know which strollers have the best reputation. Below is my take on which dual seat strollers are best for joggers.

Many of the links below direct to Amazon. They are affiliate links meaning I will earn a commission should you use them and make a purchase. If you are uncomfortable with this them please do not click the links.

JSO’s Favorite Double Child Jogging Strollers

This section is a work in progress…

How Do Jogging Strollers Work?

How Do These Things Work?

New parents can easily be overwhelmed by all the products you need to buy or might want to buy when a new baby comes into your family. The building your first baby registry often is a wild experience for parents and a shock to those with no experience sizing up baby gear. In many cases new parents have no idea what they need or even want and little idea of how to size up products and compare them against one another.

Strollers for instance are one of those items that every parent needs but no parent really knows exactly which stroller is best or right for their needs until well after the first stroller is ever purchased. When I become a parent my wife and I went through about four strollers in the first six months before we really knew what we liked.

When new parents start thinking about jogging strollers a few questions almost always pop up:

  • what is a jogging stroller exactly,
  • how do jogging strollers work, and
  • should I get a jogging stroller.

The other two questions are answered elsewhere on this site but the third is easy to explain.

True jogging strollers are designed to make it easy for someone to actually jog with their stroller. They usually have fixed front wheels so that the stroller goes straight even when you don’t have your hands on the stroller. They typically have good suspension systems to keep your child from bumping around too much and they should be lighter and very easy to push or retain forward momentum.

When you jog with a stroller you should have a strap attached to the handle of the stroller and to your wrist. This ensures that the stroller doesn’t get away from you. You could hold the handles but that would make it harder to actually jog.

The speed of jogging compared to running basically causes a lot of jostling in the seat so you really shouldn’t jog in a stroller without good suspension… especially if you have a younger infant in the seat. The bumping could be too much for him.

See Are Jogging Strollers Safe For Infants for more on this topic.

Lastly good joggers need to be lightweight enough for them to be easy to jog with. You don’t want to have to strain to push a stroller while you jog. If it’s light it will be easier to push along and if the wheels are good the forward momentum of a moving stroller should require minimal effort to keep up.

See this post for more details on the differences between jogging strollers and regular strollers or just take a look at Jogging Strollers 101 for more of the basics.

Swivel Front Wheel Joggers

Jogging strollers with swivel front wheels are not ordinarily going to be great for real running but they may be fine for the light jogging that many parents do. Let’s face it, most people don’t run a ton and most of us don’t have room for multiple strollers. I swivel front wheel jogger is more versatile for ordinary, everyday use as well as general walking.

I recommend most people buy swivel front wheel strollers because the average person uses a stroller on sidewalks, in parks with pavement, in stores and malls, and in other areas with generally flat and even surfaces. Even avid joggers don’t usually run extremely long distances or too fast with their strollers so fixed wheels are less necessary.

I have not tried all the strollers out there but I have used many of them and I have my favorites. Below are my favorite swivel front wheel strollers which would be great for light jogging. I’ve linked them to their sales page for more information or for you to make a purchase. Please note these are affiliate links and I will receive a commission should you click one of these links and make a purchase.

You can buy cheaper strollers easily or you could easily move up the food chain and buy something that is top of the line. On this page I will only recommend middle-of-the-road strollers which most people want to buy anyway.

My Favorite Jogging Strollers With A single Swivel Front Wheel

Updates to follow…

Fixed Wheel Joggers

Fixed Front Wheel On A Stroller

Use Fixed Wheels For Jogging

If you’ve never felt the difference between a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel and one with a swivel front wheel you might be amazed at the differences. When running fixed wheel strollers go straighter with less effort. Any bumps in the road or uneven pavement go mostly unnoticed whereas swivel wheel jogging strollers have a few problems.

Even swivel wheel strollers which lock into place tend to have a little wiggle in the direction of the wheel. Small bumps or uneven pavement can cause the runner to have to constantly redirect the course of the stroller making jogging a bit more difficult. As a runner you want as little impeding form as possible and a solid front wheel frame helps a lot.

For most runners a fixed front wheel is generally preferred if you are going fast or going over rough terrain and you can really tell the difference between the two. Of course not all parents have the luxury of owning multiple strollers and most runners are casual joggers. There is a reason why fixed wheel joggers are not as commonly found in stores.

Truth Be Told

Most people don’t outright run with their strollers and most people stick to even paths, sidewalks, and stores. Most people also don’t want to have multiple strollers so in my experience swivel wheel strollers tend to be best for the average family. However there are very important reasons to get a fixed wheel stroller and if you need one then you will want a good one.

Which One’s Are Best?

There are tons of fixed wheel joggers out there by more companies than you could possibly think of off the top of your head (see this page of stroller brands). I haven’t tried them all but I have formulated my own opinions on which one’s are worth the money based on features, independent reviews, and price.

Below are a few of my favorite fixed wheel jogging strollers with a few comments on why I recommend them. Each stroller below links out to Amazon for you to learn more about it or to buy it. They are affiliate links and I will earn a commission for anything you buy after clicking the below links for full disclosure. I hope this short list helps.

The Two Best Fixed Front Wheel Strollers (In My Opinion)

There are a lot of good fixed wheel strollers to choose from. There are more swivel wheel joggers but plenty to make things difficult in selcting just a few. I tend tot hink the majority of people are looking for a good marriage between quality and price. With that in mind the two fixed front wheel jogging strollers I recommend to most parents follow.

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller

The Baby Jogger F.I.T. Jogging Stroller

This stroller is also featured on this site as my favorite all-around lightweight jogging stroller. It not only has the fixed front wheel but it has tires a bit wider giving a bit more of an all-terrain edge to it.

It only weighs 25 lbs, which is less than many similar strollers and it still sports the ability to transport kids up to 75 lbs. Basically it can hold kids bigger than just about any other jogger out there which is handy for those parents who like jogging but don’t want to leave their toddlers home with someone else… or heaven forbid by themselves.

The F.I.T. jogger works just like all the other baby jogger strollers. It has quick release tires and a wildly simple one hand fold. The stroller is very easy to operate.

There are a number of good strollers that are cheaper (Schwinn Jogging strollers come to mind) but there are also some top of the line models which are more expensive too. For the average running mom or dad this will likely be the best compromise between price and value in my opinion.

I recommend reading this top rated review of the Schwinn Free Runner by M. Lamberty on Amazon for more pros and cons from an independent party. You can also see the sales page for the F.I.T. jogging stroller by clicking through to Amazon, Pish Posh Baby, Albee Baby, or by simply doing a Google search.

The BOB Sport Utility Stroller

The BOB Sport Utility Jogging StrollerThis BOB Sport Utility stroller is a lot like the Ironman but it is designed more as an all-terrain stroller rather than just a road racer. For this reason I like it a lot.

*more to follow*

Are Jogging Strollers Safe For Infants And Newborn Babies?

Jogging Stroller Safety For Newborns

This question comes up a lot in my line of work. New parents (who are active joggers and runners) want to take their baby out with them when they jog; they wonder if it’s OK.

In all honesty it’s not a good idea for at least the first 6 months or so unless you are using a very plush head support that holds baby’s head tight so that it doesn’t rock and roll while you are moving.

Diono Head Support PillowOf all the support pillows out there I think the Diono 2-in-1 Head Support is the best because it’s meant to hold the heads of preemies still in the car or stroller and adjusts in size to infants weighing up to 15 pounds.

Without a good head support pillow in place reps from virtually every brand of jogging stroller would probably advise that you do not take an infant out with you while you jog, even if you have a top of the line jogging stroller.

To some extent jogging strollers are safe for newborns and infants due to extremely well thought out design but no jogging stroller is going to do much for an infant that can’t keep his or head straight and under control.

Super small babies also are more difficult to properly secure in a stroller. Even with a 5-point harness a 5-10 lbs baby is just hard to strap in securely. It’s far better and safer to wait until your baby is a bit older and stronger before you take him or her out in a jogging stroller.

One thing to note is that some strollers which are designed for infants may be alright for light jogging but they are most likely not real jogging strollers. A real jogging stroller rarely lays flat in a bassinet position. They are usually bigger too to accommodate control needs of the parent and runner. Of course with the extra size and upright seat a real jogging stroller is tougher for small newborn babies to sit in.

If you do use a jogging stroller on an infant it’s best to not actually jog or run. They are safe for new born babies if the baby’s head is controlled in a safe position but the riggers of jogging should be reserved for older children.

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If your child is a few months old already you may want to check out these infant friendly jogging strollers. They aren’t going to work from birth but they will be better for 3-6 month old babies as opposed to older kids.

If you don’t get one of the infant strollers then a full sized jogging stroller designed for older kids or toddlers would be best.

These are usually reserved for kids 9-12 months and older as children this age are a bit bigger and more stable in all respects.